Ration Fieldworks – Chanterelles

My friend Michael and I will soon be launching a new project, Ration Fieldworks.  In the meantime, we threw together a short concept video from our recent chanterelle hunt.  More to come…

RATION FIELDWORKS – Chanterelles from Ryan Johnson on Vimeo.




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Sunday, October 13th, 2013 Field Trips, Film, Food, Gear, The Woods

3 Comments to Ration Fieldworks – Chanterelles

  • the Outage says:

    I can dig it. It *almost* makes me wish I liked mushrooms. Almost.

    Can’t wait for more from the Ration Fieldworks project. Hipster vibe + adventurer mentality = win. Good luck with the launch.

  • Jason Landry says:

    Looking forward to placing my order.

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