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Forest Glen Axe

Forest Glen Axe isn’t a real thing.  I don’t intend to sell axes, build a brand, or necessarily even keep working with axes long term.  But between work and school, and the hours I devote in front of a computer screen to those ends, I have been eager to work with my hands more.

I have been restoring axe bits as I find them and (usually) hanging them on new helves.  Inspired by Best Made Co, I have also been painting the helves…admittedly a total rip-off, but I really do like the addition of paint and the unique quality it brings to a simple, elegant tool.

The cultural resurgence of the axe is both evident and telling, represented by Best Made Co, Trust Co, Northwest Axe Company, Cooper Hill Axe Works, Meriwether of Montana, and Victor Axe, among a growing list of others.

I am not doing anything new here, of course.  But it is fulfilling none the less.  My friends will hopefully enjoy their Christmas presents this year…

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