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The Collective Quarterly

I just received the first edition of The Collective Quarterly, and it is stunning.

I was immediately attracted to this first edition, given its geographic focus: Absaroka.  These are the lands of my Wyoming childhood, magnificently captured by photographers and storytellers. Give it a look. Oh, and if you find yourself around some Wyoming locals, be sure to pronounce it “Ab-zor-kah”.  I’m looking at you, Longmire.


Issue 1: Absaroka from Collective Quarterly on Vimeo.

Yonder Journal

Just found out about the Yonder Journal…good things here:

Tracing my Steps – 2

A couple of posts back, I introduced a new project that I am undertaking to “map” some of my favorite places.  These are pretty simple overlays of images and maps that I am putting together into a kind of FGR scrapbook.  Sorry about the low res version here.

This entry is perhaps my favorite place in the world, up in the Beartooth Mountains in Montana.  My family has a cabin up that way, and we get to spend some quality time there now and then.  I previously posted about my last trip there back in July.

Tracing my Steps

To avoid losing my mind among work, midterms, finals, labs, and term papers, I have embarked on a self-indulgent project to combine topo maps, images, and whatever additional relics I have collected along the way to “map” some of my favorite places.  Below is an initial (and draft) entry for Fish Creek, one of my favorite places on the Clackamas River, and a venue for some of my favorite hiking, rafting, and cycling trips.  I captured a rafting (and, as it turned out, swimming) trip on this trib of the Clackamas in April last year with my friend Randy, included below.

Oh, and no PBRs were harmed in the filming on the video.  They all happened to make it through “Toilet Bowl”.  My sunglasses, however, are presumably polluting the Pacific Ocean somewhere.

April on the Upper Clackamas from Ryan Johnson on Vimeo.

This is Oregon

I recently stumbled on a collaborative project called This is Oregon.  Shwood Eyewear and photographer Julian Bialowas teamed up to create an inspiring series of photos and the video below.  Check it out…

No matter where you live, adventure is much closer than you think. New experiences, unknown surroundings, and exciting opportunities are just waiting to be discovered. Sometimes all it takes is a bit of motivation and knowing where to start.

We’ve traveled to ten locations within a 90-minute drive from downtown Portland, Oregon to showcase the awe-inspiring landscapes that are waiting to be explored. From highway pull-offs to backcountry overnighters, and sun-baked coastlines to snowy mountainsides, there is something for everyone, everywhere.

At each location we captured a featured photograph and paired it with an interactive 360 degree panorama and Google map to help you find your way. Hopefully these destinations will light the fire for you to look beyond and explore the endless beauty waiting outside your door.

THIS IS OREGON from Shwood Eyewear on Vimeo.

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