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Category: Habitat

The Collective Quarterly

I just received the first edition of The Collective Quarterly, and it is stunning.

I was immediately attracted to this first edition, given its geographic focus: Absaroka.  These are the lands of my Wyoming childhood, magnificently captured by photographers and storytellers. Give it a look. Oh, and if you find yourself around some Wyoming locals, be sure to pronounce it “Ab-zor-kah”.  I’m looking at you, Longmire.


Issue 1: Absaroka from Collective Quarterly on Vimeo.

Happy New Year

It has been a good year, but I am looking forward to 2013.  Sadly – in part – we will be leaving Forest Glen Road for a home we bought closer to Portland.  This move will take us away from our rural forested home of the last 7 years, but we will now own a small place in town on the edge of Portland.

I will be retaining the name Forest Glen Road for this blog, largely as a nod to this small, damp, creekside cabin that we have been fortunate to call home.

Happy New Year everyone.  I wish you all the best.


Whole Larder Love, Smith Journal, and Commoner Films KILLED it with this one.  The visuals are incredible, but the soundtrack on this brings the vibe.  And Rohan just keeps packing the inspiration; I am looking forward to his book as a birthday present to myself next month.  The reel is below…

The Smokehouse from Smith Journal on Vimeo.

This Must Be The Place.

LogCabineer keeps finding the goods.  This time, a short film about John Coffer in NY state.

Tiny Houses.

We live in a tiny house here at forest glen road, and I am always searching for innovative opportunities to meet the modern-day challenges of small-scale living quarters.  Thanks to Jay over at One Trip Pass, I have another lead in author Lloyd Kahn.  Pretty excited to check this out.

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