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Clackamas Bull Trout

In 2011, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service reintroduced bull trout to Oregon’s Clackamas River.

Bull trout are extremely sensitive fish, requiring cold, clean water to survive. They were completely eliminated from the Clackamas River—a watershed they had evolved in over hundreds of thousands of years—with the last sighting back in 1968.

Now they’re back, thanks to a healthy population in the Metolius River east of the Cascade Mountains. Here their story below.

Clackamas Complete: A Return of Bull Trout from Freshwaters Illustrated on Vimeo.

The Collective Quarterly

I just received the first edition of The Collective Quarterly, and it is stunning.

I was immediately attracted to this first edition, given its geographic focus: Absaroka.  These are the lands of my Wyoming childhood, magnificently captured by photographers and storytellers. Give it a look. Oh, and if you find yourself around some Wyoming locals, be sure to pronounce it “Ab-zor-kah”.  I’m looking at you, Longmire.


Issue 1: Absaroka from Collective Quarterly on Vimeo.

Worn Wear – Patagonia

Worn Wear from Patagonia is unique among businesses.  This is what I love about Patagonia.  As a private company, they don’t need to grow indefinitely to appease shareholders who are interested in profit only.  They can support causes, and business strategies, that embrace principles beyond the bottom line.

Below is a new film about people and their Patagonia gear, as part of the Worn Wear campaign. It is almost 1/2 hour long, but definitely worth watching.  Not to get too preachy, but in the middle of the Holiday season, it is more important than ever to consider the impact of our buying choices and try to reduce our individual and collective impact on the environment.


Ration Fieldworks – Chanterelles

My friend Michael and I will soon be launching a new project, Ration Fieldworks.  In the meantime, we threw together a short concept video from our recent chanterelle hunt.  More to come…

RATION FIELDWORKS – Chanterelles from Ryan Johnson on Vimeo.




Trust Collective Launches Website

My friends over at Trust Co. have launched their website over at  You’ll want to check this out.



Trust Company from Trust Co on Vimeo.

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