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Month: April 2013

Sanborn Canoe Co.

It seems like Sanborn Canoe has been coming up a lot lately…I keep running into their paddles and other gear on some of my favorite blogs – which is how I found the video below.  I was surprised at how in depth they shared their process in this video.  It’s long, but I found it well worth the view.

I have a canoe that would look a hell of a lot nicer with some Sanborn paddles.  For now I may have to settle for a Sanborn patch and a mug, but one of these days…


Bidder 70

Today, on Earth Day, Tim DeChristopher will be released from prison, where he has been for nearly two years.  In 2008, DeChristopher attended an auction to sell off land leases for oil and gas development, himself bidding and winning leases for 14 parcels of land totaling $1.8 million.

It soon became clear that DeChristopher had no intention to pay, and that he had just initiated one of the most creative and effective campaigns in the history of activism.  There is a new film about DeChristopher, Bidder 70.  Check out the trailer below.  And check out Peaceful Uprising.


Bidder 70 – Trailer from Gage & Gage Productions on Vimeo.


Below is a beautiful new visualization of the Willamette River that has been made into a poster by DOGAMI (Oregon Department of Geology and Mineral Industries).  DOGAMI routinely collects an enormous amount of Lidar data in Oregon, from which this “map” is derived.

Also over at forestglenGEO.  The poster is available here.



This past week has been a whirlwind.  I have enjoyed spring break and the beautiful Northwest weather, which came with a puppy…


We are going to call this little guy Henry.  It just seems to fit, although part of the inspiration for the name (Henry David Thoreau) does not match perfectly at this juncture.  Henry is happily, playfully violent much of the day.  His capacity to be redirected to spare wood in the yard is a work in progress.  He is a shot in the arm, and a breath of fresh air.  And a pain in the  ass.  All at once.  You know what I am talking about.

My adventures in the large, extended National Forest backyard will experience an interruption with the resumption of school.  But the weather demanded a trip to some falls along the Clackamas.  A much needed hike on a brilliant Oregon day.







We have a chicken coop to fill as well, although this particular structure is likely to be filled with ducks, specifically Khaki Campbells.  I love my ducks…I went to U of O after all.  I was a Duck before I was a Beaver.  Duck eggs are incredible.  If you haven’t tried them, I suggest doing so.  Chicken eggs are literally pale in comparison.


Graduate school continues.  A sense of irony fills my mind as I contemplate pursuing an online program in pursuit of a Master of Natural Resources.  I am nearly halfway there, and I am thankful to be able to pursue such a degree remotely, but I am in front of a computer quite a lot these days.  I don’t smell like a campfire nearly enough.  Outdoor distractions welcome.



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