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Month: December 2012

Happy New Year

It has been a good year, but I am looking forward to 2013.  Sadly – in part – we will be leaving Forest Glen Road for a home we bought closer to Portland.  This move will take us away from our rural forested home of the last 7 years, but we will now own a small place in town on the edge of Portland.

I will be retaining the name Forest Glen Road for this blog, largely as a nod to this small, damp, creekside cabin that we have been fortunate to call home.

Happy New Year everyone.  I wish you all the best.

Three Good Gifts

Good things come in threes.  I put together some of my favorite gift ideas in packages of threes that would sit nicely under a Christmas tree in 10 days time.

1. Suunto M-3 Global Pro Compass – REI
2. The Wilderness Route Finder – Best Made Co.
3. Various – USGS Map Store 

1. Opinel Knife – Canoe
2. Lasso T – Poler Camping Stuff
3. Ranger Firesteel – Firesteel 

1. Field Notes Expedition Edition – Field Notes
2. Meriwether Flask – Meriwether of Montana
3. Filson Merino Wool Fingerless Gloves – Filson 

1. The Riding Pack – Poler Stuff
2. Bike Water Bottle – Poler Stuff
3. The Loading Dock – Portland Design Works

1. Camp Chef Yellowstone National Park Dutch Oven – Camp Chef
2. Whole Larder Love Book – Amazon
3. Potato Ricer – Cabelas 


Tracing my Steps – 2

A couple of posts back, I introduced a new project that I am undertaking to “map” some of my favorite places.  These are pretty simple overlays of images and maps that I am putting together into a kind of FGR scrapbook.  Sorry about the low res version here.

This entry is perhaps my favorite place in the world, up in the Beartooth Mountains in Montana.  My family has a cabin up that way, and we get to spend some quality time there now and then.  I previously posted about my last trip there back in July.

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