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Month: October 2012

A Day in the Life – WLL

Another short film from Whole Larder Love and Commoner Films in support of Rohan’s recently released book.  This one and the Smokehouse film have such great vibes – I especially like the soundtrack in each.  Have a look…

Whole Larder Love from Whole Larder Love on Vimeo.

Mapping the Future

I haven’t been posting as much recently.  I just began a graduate program in GIScience, which is the science behind mapping and spatial analysis using Geographic Information Systems (GIS).  While the program is going well, I am not spending NEARLY enough time in the woods, and I haven’t even picked a single chanterelle this Fall.  So on account of the fact that it still relates to my studies, and yet I get a little much-needed outdoor inspiration, I looked up these short videos from Parks Canada.  I could stand doing what these fellas are doing when I finish up next Fall…

Expedicion De Las Americas

Another great find over at LogCabineer, this video covers the 1978 Expedicion de las Americas.  Great Jeep footage in here, and with a crewman whose title is Seaman/Philosopher, this can’t go wrong.  Makes me want to climb in the Jeep and head out!

Expedicion De Las Americas from sinuhe xavier on Vimeo.

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