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Month: September 2012

Filson – In the Field

For my 30th birthday my wife got me a Filson Mackinaw Cruiser, and ever since I have had nothing but love for Filson.

Filson’s series In the Field  follows individuals whose professions and/or passions lead them into the elements on a daily basis.  The good life, in other words.  The most recent video is below…

Filson in the Field: from Filson on Vimeo.


Whole Larder Love, Smith Journal, and Commoner Films KILLED it with this one.  The visuals are incredible, but the soundtrack on this brings the vibe.  And Rohan just keeps packing the inspiration; I am looking forward to his book as a birthday present to myself next month.  The reel is below…

The Smokehouse from Smith Journal on Vimeo.

Red Clouds Collective

I suppose it could be argued that the canvas & leather rucksack/duffel market is saturated.  It seems there is a new company trending weekly.  I definitely have enough love for canvas & leather to handle it, though, so I was stoked to see Portland-based Red Clouds Collective enter the scene with what, by the looks of it anyway, seems an inspired, quality selection of gear with just the right amount of throwback.  Seth Neefus and team have also created some solid accessories and T’s.  Oh, and they have a lighter holster too, so…there’s that.  (Can’t imagine needing a lighter holster, but whatever).  I pulled some images from their lookbook below.  Solid stuff.

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