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Month: June 2012 (page 1 of 2)

The Great Escape

Swedish couple “S” and “E” are making their way across the Western U.S. by bike, and they are journaling their adventure at The Great Escape.  I love the patch they developed.  They are really close to FGR right now…maybe I’ll run into them on the bike.


Somewhere to Disappear

A friend of mine recently alerted me to this project with photographer Alec Soth.  See the trailer below, and this description from the site:

We follow him on his search for men who live on the margins of society. People who ran away from their natural environment, to find their own world. As modern day hermits, they find peace in unaffected places of the country, whether it be a cabin in the mountains, a dark cave or in the expansive desert. Each of these people chose to live in a different way. We wanted to find out why they live like this: did they deliberately make this choice? Do they regret it? What are they really looking for? Did they find it?

Trailer ‘Somewhere To Disappear’ from Arnaud Uyttenhove on Vimeo.


Summer Poler Stuff

More good “stuff” coming from Poler this summer – specifically, new bags and apparel.  I could have used that mini Duffaluffagus on our recent travels.   And the Lasso shirt is definitely coming my way for summer camp vibes.  Also, check out Rohan Anderson’s (Whole Larder Love) Poler adventure, here.


So I am certainly not a graphic designer, as I’m sure you have all gathered.  But I like to play around with logos.  After multiple photographs, some vector work, and many revisions, I think I’ve settled on a logo for FGR.  It pretty much violates every rule of good design…it is busy, asymmetrical, and rough.  But I think it captures the eclectic nature of FGR pretty well.  Bikes, botany, forestry, and water needed to be present.  Let me know your thoughts!


The First 70

California is set to close 70 state parks and historic monuments next month, one-quarter of the entire park system in the state.

I realize funding for public lands is facing unprecedented pressure, but the outcomes of closure, as the trailer for the film The First 70 points out, will have far-reaching consequences beyond limiting access to natural spaces for residents.

Our public lands are extremely valuable, and the possibility of losing any of our limited, shared natural spaces, particularly in a climate of increasing urbanization, is not the answer to our collective public financial woes.  Check out the trailer for The First 70, below.

The First 70 Trailer from Heath Hen Films on Vimeo.

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