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Month: January 2012 (page 1 of 2)

Military Surplus – Boring.

When I was growing up, our small Wyoming town had a military surplus store creatively called “War Surplus”.  Since then, I have searched out every military surplus store I could find in every place I have lived in since.  One of the best in northwest Oregon is Sgt. Gators Post Exchange (I’m not making that up) in (mostly otherwise) Boring, Oregon (not making that up, either).  Boring is actually quite nice, over 20 miles out of downtown Portland, yet marking the end (or beginning) of the Springwater Corridor, the path that will lead you to the middle of that city.  It is a great place for views of Mt. Hood, dive bars, greasy spoons, farms, and military surplus stores.

(Apologies for parentheses, and for the poor quality photos).



The Sun and Ride.

We finally received some sun in the Pacific Northwest, and I took advantage by getting on the bike for the first time in awhile.  Last year I picked up a 1990’s steel Bianchi Eros, which I previously posted about.  It’s my transportation bike, blue collar, a bit heavy, and willing to be thrown around in the Amtrak cargo car (which has happened on more than one occasion).  But today I rode my steel 1998 Schwinn Peloton.  Now known more as a WalMart brand than a grand tour contender, Schwinn used to make some pretty damn good bikes, including the Peloton and the Paramount, among others.  My ’98 Peloton featured Shimano 105 components and a Reynolds 853 steel frame.  Quality gear.

The Peloton is still a bit dirty in the photos from the 1/2 mile cyclocross I get to do on Forest Glen Rd. to get to pavement.

A couple of birthdays ago, my wife got me this Merino wool jersey from Rapha.  This is the Country Jersey, and I love that Rapha includes subtle details that make their already quality product just a little more engaging.

The Rabbit Hole…

I fell down the rabbit hole.  Alice has nothing on this.  First, The Yard

Then, RIDGE! (via LogCabineer & Boys Girls Mountains)

And finally, The Oregon Coast by Kinfolk

The Oregon Coast from Kinfolk on Vimeo.


The Fat of the Land

I just finished reading The Fat of the Land: Adventures of a 21st Century Forager by Langdon Cook.  Part Pacific Northwest travelogue, part cookbook, The Fat of the Land is definitely an inspiring read for those who want to get a little bit closer to their food.  Cook is clearly an accomplished wordsmith, his editorial background lending a clever and unique tone to his narrative.  But his journey from “endless cans of Chef Boyardee” to an accomplished spear fishing, Amanita-eating, steelheading forager makes you feel like you can make your way through field and stream, too.  Check out Cook’s blog here, and the book is available here.

Cabin Time

Geoffrey Holstad, the man behind So Sweaty and a contributor to Cold Splinters, has kicked off the Cabin Time Art Camp, the first iteration of which just wrapped up in the Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park in Michigan.  I’ve been checking out some of the photos from the trip.  Inspiring stuff.

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