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Month: September 2011 (page 1 of 3)


I was obsessed with Pearl Jam in high school, having been introduced to the music by a friend in 8th grade.  That was back in 1993.  With the release of PJ20, Cameron Crowe’s new film documenting 20 years of all things Pearl Jam, I have been reminiscing bit.  I was trying to figure out which album was my favorite…after a listen back through the catalog, I settled on Yield.  Classic.  My favorite song, if I had to choose, still has to be Hunger Strike, from the pre-Pearl Jam/Soundgarden collaboration Temple of the Dog.

They’re Coming Home, Part 2.

Filled with a sense to welcome the spawning salmon, we headed out for the aptly named Salmon River today.  Viewing salmon spawning always results in mixed feelings, as the carcasses of spawners blanket the stream banks.  After salmon spawn they die, contributing their flesh to the forest, the macroinvertebrates, and their young.  Salmon are in the trees, so to speak.  The beautiful Salmon River has one of the largest annual salmon runs of any river near Forest Glen Road.  I was there last year as well, and shot the video below of some males competing for the rights to a redd, the “nest” females lay their eggs in (the real action is toward the end).

Fall Playlist.

My current Fall playlist:

1. Gillian Welch – The Harrow and the Harvest
2. Fleet Foxes – Helplessness Blues
3. Natalie Merchant – Motherland
4. Mountain Man – Made the Harbor

Mountain Man – “Animal Tracks” 


They’re Coming Home.

This morning I went out to have a look at the creek, bathed in September sunshine.  It was beautiful, as usual, but today I also saw two salmon swimming up stream in very low water, my first salmon sighting of the young Fall season.  These two were 20+”, darting back and forth in the current.  They never fail to inspire.

Almost time…

Each year in late September I get excited about the upcoming chanterelle season, and this year is no different.  Over the past couple of years, I have hunted and found these fantastic mushrooms with my friend Sid up in the Oregon Coast Range.  I am hoping this year to find some a little closer to Forest Glen Road, but that might prove challenging.  Mushroom hunters, of course, are notoriously unwilling to even hint at their successful foraging sites, and after repeated visits to our traditional hunting grounds, I can see why.  With no guide for where to start in the nearby woods, I look forward to a few (wet) days of wandering in search of this golden miracle mushroom.

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