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Month: July 2011 (page 1 of 2)

Whole Larder Love.

There are many “outdoor lifestyle” blogs that I frequent, my favorite of which are those having to do with cultivating one’s own food, hunting/foraging, and the culinary results of those endeavors. There is none better than Australian photographer Rohan Anderson’s Whole Larder Love.  I’m not gonna lie, this blog is on my daily rotation, usually the first I check after BBC and NPR in the morning.  Give it a look

You know you’re on forest glen road when…

Sometimes I forget how foreign our living situation on forest glen road is to my friends who live in Portland. But then I realized today, while walking the 1 mile roundtrip to our mailbox, that we really do kind of live “in a hole”, as one of my friends once characterized it. That’s okay. Hobbits live in holes, too, and they seem to do okay.

Summer Salad (Smile).

I have historically been a fall/winter kind of guy.  I love wood fires, pot roasts, and layers (of clothing, that is).  But today was the kind of day that I live for.  Some fishing, reading on the porch, yard work, and grilled salmon salad.  Can’t beat it.

Worth Watching.

For several years I have been craving a show like the River Cottage series, but made in the U.S. and about our local wild food, sustainable agriculture, and culinary heritage.  While not on “Channel 4” as in the UK, these two shows provide a unique and entertaining look into where our food comes from, and how we might further connect ourselves back to the land.  I have been watching a few episodes from The Perennial Plate lately, which follows chef Daniel Klein on his quest for “socially responsible and adventurous eating.”  The second show, Salt, Fresh and Field, has yet to debut, but the trailer is looking pretty great (this one from the great nation north of us).  Have a look, then get outside!

The Perennial Plate Episode 62: A day in the Life from Daniel Klein on Vimeo.

Salt Fresh & Field TEASER from Salt, Fresh & Field on Vimeo.

I Smell Like a Campfire.

I don’t spend nearly enough time on the Oregon Coast, and I was reminded of that on a recent camping trip to Cape Lookout near Tillamook.  Spectacularly diverse and enormously beautiful, the Oregon Coast will be on our camping radar again shortly…

9/8 Update: Our friend Chris Seleski wrote a song about this trip.
Cape Lookout

Okay, so maybe the clearcuts aren’t ‘enormously beautiful’.

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