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Month: December 2010 (page 1 of 2)

Swiss Army Gear.

I have always had a weakness for military surplus stores, beginning with the tragically-now-out-of-business War Surplus Store in my small hometown in Wyoming.

The other day I ventured out to Sgt. Gators Post Exchange in Boring, Oregon.  This place is (almost always) just as great as the name suggests.  On this occasion, I found this vintage Swiss military shovel (or “Entrenching Tool”, I’m told).  Wooden handle, leather cover, incredible design.  Nobody knows how to fuse form and function quite like the Swiss.

I have a Swiss Army rucksack that indicates the craftsman, location of origin, and date of completion in the leather between the straps, and the leather sheath for this shovel has a similar stamp, containing the following information:

L. Brühwiler

Levi’s Photo Workshop.

Let’s hope Levi’s traveling workshop has PDX on the radar.

OC Farmer’s Market.

For our lazy Saturday, we decided to go check out the Winter Farmer’s Market in Oregon City.  It was small, but I’ll be the last one to complain about local beef, pork, eggs, truffles, chanterelles, potatoes, apples and goat cheese all in one place.

Field Notes.

“I’m not writing it down to remember it later;  I’m writing it down to remember now.”

I don’t know exactly what it is about Field Notes, but I have made sure that I have one of these handy notebooks with me every second of the day lately.  Perhaps it’s the rounded corners, or the militant commitment to Futura typeface, or the fact that there are clever suggested uses that range from “Half-Ass Calculations” to “Financial ‘Planning'”.  It could also involve my distaste for how virtual my life has become, from work to entertainment, staring endlessly into this glowing screen.  For my friends out there, I hope you are ready for a little more tactile and a little less virtual…you just might find these in your stocking this year.

Field Notes


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