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Open Door to Solitude from Filson on Vimeo.

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Here’s to Interior Secretary Sally Jewell for efforts to revive a Civilian Conservation Corps for the 21st century.  In fact, the concept is called the 21st Century Conservation Service Corps, and will bring an extremely valuable and successful American institution back for future generations.  With the political winds the way they are, the program will rely on private investments rather than full federal support, with American Eagle stepping up to support the program with $1 million. Read more about the program here.

California Conservation Corps’ Backcountry crew.USDAgov


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Worn Wear – Patagonia

Worn Wear from Patagonia is unique among businesses.  This is what I love about Patagonia.  As a private company, they don’t need to grow indefinitely to appease shareholders who are interested in profit only.  They can support causes, and business strategies, that embrace principles beyond the bottom line.

Below is a new film about people and their Patagonia gear, as part of the Worn Wear campaign. It is almost 1/2 hour long, but definitely worth watching.  Not to get too preachy, but in the middle of the Holiday season, it is more important than ever to consider the impact of our buying choices and try to reduce our individual and collective impact on the environment.


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Ration Fieldworks – Chanterelles

My friend Michael and I will soon be launching a new project, Ration Fieldworks.  In the meantime, we threw together a short concept video from our recent chanterelle hunt.  More to come…

RATION FIELDWORKS – Chanterelles from Ryan Johnson on Vimeo.




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Trust Collective Launches Website

My friends over at Trust Co. have launched their website over at trustco.us.  You’ll want to check this out.



Trust Company from Trust Co on Vimeo.

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Ecotrust, the Portland-based non-profit who have advanced several innovative conservation tools and methodologies over the years, have released a new online magazine, Commonplace.  Commonplace is described as, “a new online and mobile magazine focused on stories from home.”  Particularly if you live in the Pacific Northwest, you will likely find Commonplace worth a look.  The first issue focuses on the sensitive Skeena River basin of British Columbia, currently the focus of the Northern Gateway Project, which would convey tar-sands oil by tanker through the region to the Pacific.






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Slow is Fast

Yet another Patagonia (Malloy) project I am excited to have a look at, this time a book, Slow is Fast.  Book trailer below…


Slow is Fast Book Tour with Dan Malloy from Patagonia on Vimeo.

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Forest Glen Axe

Forest Glen Axe isn’t a real thing.  I don’t intend to sell axes, build a brand, or necessarily even keep working with axes long term.  But between work and school, and the hours I devote in front of a computer screen to those ends, I have been eager to work with my hands more.

I have been restoring axe bits as I find them and (usually) hanging them on new helves.  Inspired by Best Made Co, I have also been painting the helves…admittedly a total rip-off, but I really do like the addition of paint and the unique quality it brings to a simple, elegant tool.

The cultural resurgence of the axe is both evident and telling, represented by Best Made Co, Trust Co, Northwest Axe Company, Cooper Hill Axe Works, Meriwether of Montana, and Victor Axe, among a growing list of others.

I am not doing anything new here, of course.  But it is fulfilling none the less.  My friends will hopefully enjoy their Christmas presents this year…

image  image3 image2image4 image5 image6


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Thankfully, committed organizations and filmmakers continue to get the word out about the misguided (is that a strong enough word?) effort to convey tar sand oil through British Columbia’s complex and ecologically sensitive coast.  Our northern neighbors continue to entertain the idea of this project, although British Columbia itself has recently proclaimed opposition to the project.

I finally watched Groundswell, which follows the previous films SPOIL and Tipping Barrels, and forwards the discussion of the tar sands proposal while displaying the Great Bear rainforest in all of its unique coastal beauty.  Groundswell is the work of Patagonia, Raincoast Conservation Foundation, and Woodshed Films (who brought us 180° South).  Trailer below.


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A Bit of Inspiration

As an avid follower of Rohan Anderson’s Whole Larder Love, I have read his story and understood his motivation for engaging in a lifestyle in which he grows, forages, and locally sources food for himself and his family.  I intellectually grasped his passion and ethos in his approach to a lifestyle that embraces the simplicity and integrity of sourcing one’s own food.  But last night at Portland’s Ned Ludd, Jason from Applied Observation and I had the opportunity to meet and chat with Rohan himself, as well as hear him tell his story in person.  The man has an energy, generosity, and purpose that is difficult to explain and probably impossible to fully grasp unless you meet him in person.  I left the event with a feeling of inspiration that I haven’t experienced in awhile, and I encourage anyone who lives near an upcoming WLL event venue to go meet and chat with Ro yourself.  I took a couple of pics during the evening, but admittedly they were an afterthought on account of the great food (prepared by Ned Ludd from recipes in WLL), introductions, and conversation that accompanied the evening.




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